Lutte Earns Ninety-Nines Award of Achievement in Aviation for Outstanding Contributions | News – Omaha, Nebraska

Rebecca Lutte, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) Aeronautical Research Institute. Was awarded. Ninety-nine Achievement award for contribution to aviation.

Ninety-Nines officially announced the Lutte Awards on Saturday, July 10th. She received the Aviation Contribution Award for her extensive and outstanding research focused on the development of the aviation workforce and the outreach, recruitment, and retention of women in aviation.

Dr. Scott Tally, director, and professor at UNO’s Aeronautical Research Institute congratulated her for her outstanding achievements.

“Dr. Rutte’s passion for expanding aviation participation and her commitment to rigorous research in this area position her as the leading voice of an important national conversation today. “Tally said. “I am honored that she was recognized in the 1999s and counted as a UNO faculty member.”

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