FlightPlan III: Gender Diversity in Aviation has Far to Go, Says Ourmières-Wid ener

During the penultimate FlightPlan III: C-Suite Week interview, the BBC’s Aaron Heslehurst caught up with TAP Air Portugal’s new CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, to find out what she’s learned about the carrier so far and her future plans. FlightPlan III: C-Suite Week was developed by Inmarsat Aviation in partnership with APEX.

When Christine Ourmières-Widener took part in FlightPlan III: C-Suite week, she had only been in her new role as CEO at TAP Air Portugal for ten days. During her interview with BBC Presenter Aaron Heslehurst, he asked what her vision is for the carrier, and her response was refreshing.

“When you arrive in a new position, you need to take the time to listen,” Ourmières-Widener explained. “I need more time to listen because often your employees and your partners already know some of the solutions and there have been people I can’t see yet because I can’t travel. There are business books that say you need to have a plan in 100 days, but I’m a strong believer that your understanding of an organization should be organic and that you will learn along the way, with a degree of humility that you need to have even as a CEO.”

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