Diversity in Aviation and Aerospace ‘is Morally Right and a Business Imperative’

Businesses in the aviation and aerospace industries that are not doing everything possible to attract a diverse range of talent are guilty of moral and business failings, according to speakers on the third and final day of Farnborough Connect on 15 July.

“We all depend on skills for our business to thrive, and the one thing that I always come back to is the fact that 50% of our population are female,” says Lynda McVay, skills and capability director at aerospace company Leonardo. “If we are not tapping sufficiently into that part of the population, how do we expect to fill our skills needs? We just can’t do it.”

Her comments were echoed by speakers across two discussions around diversity in the workforce: one focused on ensuring industries move towards a “diverse and digital future” and the other on the importance of collaboration to achieve progress on the issue.

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